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19 thoughts on “Private Labels

  1. I have been having much trouble trying to buy your product I put my card in over 20 times and it did not take I really would like to purchase the product please inform thank you

  2. Good morning
    I have not received my item yet
    as you said wait patiently, but is about 17 days
    Is in UK according to the track system
    please let me know what you could do
    it never took so long.

  3. Thank you for your reply, I will not send an email if I received my item
    is my correct adress and I am confirming I never received my item
    I always collected at the post office because it can not fit through my door
    the postman always leave a card.
    Could you let me know I have to claim it.

  4. Is FAST DEEP INTENSIVE STRENGTH DARK AREAS BLEACH CREAM 12OZ a bleaching cream with peeling effect or it’s just a whitening cream

  5. You can get FAST DEEP INTENSIVE STRENGTH DARK AREAS BLEACH CREAM 12OZ and note that you want no peeling effect.
    For further inquiries, kindly use “contact us”


  6. HI,

    THis is for the Order ID:3094. I’ve not received it yet but USPS shows that it is delivered. This is the first time it has happened.I’ve ordered stuff so many times but it never had happened. Can you please look into this?

    Waiting for your reply.
    USPS Tracking Number: 9400111899564276995418

  7. Your product is amazing ? I just order more product just one so every time I try to order my phone kept showing my internet Was responding so I try to order again my internet still Was not responding I took yesterday I just need a number so I can talk to someone please

  8. Hi
    Yes we noticed and we emailed you. We also, texted you this morning.
    And the issues is taken care of. Thank you for being a loyal custom, we appreciate you.

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