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Extracted in USA. This is 98.9% – 100% pure Glutathione in 1 Gallon Serum f0r skin whitening.

We recommend it for those in beauty business to add to a finished product such as a lotion/cream, to maximize results. Other additives can be added to this serum as well to maximize results.


Due to Demand of this product, plan accordingly as processing my take up to 7 days.

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Product Description

FAST & VISIBLE RESULTS-High concentration of Glutathione, the nature’s leading ingredient for skin whitening, only a few uses will be needed so you can spot the difference. Whiter, younger-looking and free of blemishes skin faster than ever before!
EXTRA EFFECTIVE-Get rid of the dark spots, the acne scars and the hyper-pigmentation that covers the stunning beauty of your body. Get a more even skin tone and remove freckles, pimples and melasma signs effortlessly!
MULTIPLE RESULTS-Reveal the youthfulness of your skin with only one product. Win a fresher skin tone and take your appearance to another level. Use this serum in your products- it will help renew damaged skin issues and walk the streets with confidence again!
TOP QUALITY-Made by experienced professionals under certified facilities that agree with all the health standards. Perfect and 100% safe to be used on all skin types!